Dr. Rhona Julien


Dr. Rhona Julien is an Environmental Health Scientist in the Indoor Air Program at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a member of the Asthma Team in Region I EPA, her duties include fostering a working relation with other federal and state partners, academic community, and community partners and leveraging resources where needed to maintain a strong commitment to asthma related activities within each of the six New England states. She has also conducted exposure assessment studies looking at the impacts of environmental chemicals (e.g., VOCs, isocyaanates and pesticides) on ambient and indoor air as well as other media.

Her doctoral research on pesticides at the Harvard School of Public Health provided evidence of the presence of banned and restricted use pesticides in households of multi-unit dwellings. Her research findings provided the impetus for a city led initiatives in Boston known as the Boston Healthy Pest Free Housing Initiative.

Dr. Julien received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, a M.A. degree in Environmental Policy from Tufts University, and a Sc.D. degree in Environmental Health from Harvard School of Public Health.


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